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Safety Above All

Our employees are our top priority and keeping them safe is smart business!

Certified Safety 

Jomax Drilling has been recognized by the Partnerships program (Alberta Human Resources and Employment) with a Certificate of Recognition for commitment to safety.

This certifies that we have:

Developed and implemented an occupational health and safety program

Met the standard for Partnerships through an independent evaluation of their health and safety program

The Jomax Corporate Safety Policy 

People are an important asset and their safety is a management and a collective responsibility. Safety must be an important consideration in every decision and plan. It is our duty to send each employee home to their families whole and healthy.  

Accidents which result in injury or loss of property are preventable. It is our policy to do everything reasonable and in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations, to prevent injury to employees, damage to property and the environment, to protect our corporation, our customers and the public from the results of accidents. 

Every level of management must accept this premise and with it the challenge to reduce accidents to the absolute minimum. When everyone does their part, it is possible to have zero accidents or incidents.

We are committed to the safety of our employees.