Services Dedicated to your Success

We tear down the barriers that can exist between Operator, Drilling Supervisor and Engineer, and Drilling Contractor. We see powerful synergy when our services are blended. The result? Optimization, cost-control, and success.

Contract Drilling

Boost efficiency and productivity with quality rigs and expert crews. Our experienced teams have been there and done that – we know what it takes to execute your drilling program safely and successfully.

  • Efficient, experienced, and safety-focused crews
  • Accommodate depth capacities of 8,400 m
  • Specialize in drilling deep wells with long horizontal sections
  • Deliver outside-of-the-box solutions to protect your budget
  • Offer drilling services for geothermal wells
  • Hands-on and attentive service

Professional Engineering

You can rely on a carefully engineered drilling program to control costs and enhance productivity. Whether you’d like us to review your current plan, or you need one built from the ground up, we can help.

  • Preparation a of detailed and optimized drilling program
  • Accurate and precise AFE estimates
    Registered through ASET as a P. Tech. (Eng.)
  • Directional planning
  • Wellbore/casing design

Project Management

We offer a hands-on, innovative approach to managing drilling programs, always working to minimize days and dollars. Expect optimization, success, and integrity on every job.

  • Single well to mega pads with multiple rigs
  • Daily field reports
  • Daily field operation coordination
  • Service negotiation, 3 bid minimum
  • Third party technical reports and end of well reports
  • Operational invoice review

Wellsite Supervision Services

Enjoy a smooth and efficient operation from the get-go by using our team of experienced wellsite supervisors. They already know our people and rigs. The result? Unparalleled synergies driving the momentum of your project.

  • ‘Safety-first’ mindset
  • Certified, qualified, and experienced
  • In depth training, knowledge, and team leadership skills
  • Focused on continuous improvement
  • Clear and direct communication

Drilling operations & specialty services

Having drilled over 1,300 unconventional wells to depths of 7,200m, our team has led drilling operations in the most challenging areas. No matter the complexity, we have you covered.

  • ‘Deep Basin experience (Montney, Duvernay, Falher, Leduc)
  • Long reach HZ. 3000m+ length
  • Monobore wells
  • HPHT complex wells
  • Leduc/Belloy disposal wells
  • Multi lateral wells
  • Peer review of Cost estimates and drilling failures
  • Geo Thermal wells

Your success is our focus.

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