Amp Up Efficiencies.

Drive Down Costs.

Our superpower is drilling deep wells with long horizontal sections. What’s more, our client-focused approach and expertise drive us to zero-in on your project and provide top-tier service, saving you time and worry.

Reduce Drilling Days & Dollars

The nuts and bolts of it all: we help you successfully drill wells. For nearly 50 years, we have been providing rigs and crews that get the job done safely and efficiently. And we don’t stop there. We work as an extension to your team, offering customized support from professional engineering to wellsite supervision services. As a result, your drilling program is executed seamlessly. From rig up to rig out.

12 Rigs. Countless Capabilities.

Confidently drill any play throughout the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin with talented crews and quality rigs. We have a fleet of 12 diesel-electric rigs designed for heavy hook loads, large casing sizes, and depth capacities of up to 8,400 m. Equally important, we can adapt our equipment and people to be competitive in all types of wells. Rest assured, we have the right rigs and the right crews to execute your next project safely and successfully.

Services Customized to your Needs

We prioritize your needs and your budget – delivering solutions to reduce days and dollars.

Contract Drilling

Boost efficiency and productivity with quality rigs and expert crews. Our experienced teams have been there and done that – we know what it takes to execute your drilling program safely and successfully.

Professional Engineering

You can rely on a carefully engineered drilling program to control costs and enhance productivity. Whether you’d like us to review your current plan, or you need one built from the ground up, we can help.

Project Management

We offer a hands-on, innovative approach to managing drilling programs, always working to minimize days and dollars. Expect optimization, success, and integrity on every job.

Wellsite Supervision Services

Enjoy a smooth and efficient operation from the get-go by using our team of experienced wellsite supervisors. They already know our people and rigs. The result? Unparalleled synergies from start to finish.

Drilling Operations & Specialty Services

Having drilled over 1,300 unconventional wells to depths of 7,200 m, our team has led drilling operations in the most challenging areas.

Why Jomax


Our safety record reflects our commitment to meeting strict standards; protecting our employees and contractors is the top priority. Our employees are our family. Safety creates efficiency, and efficiency creates safety.


We attract and retain first-rate people throughout our organization. From roughneck to executive management, our people are experienced and ready to take on the most complex of wells.

Client Focused

We look at every single job as an opportunity to strengthen long-term client relationships, always resulting in attentive service and direct communication to make your project flow smoothly and efficiently.

Hands-on and Personal

Our leadership team maintains a hands-on approach, demonstrating an immense passion that ensures each and every client succeeds.

Unique Services

We offer contract drilling, as well as full-service project engineering, management, and wellsite supervision. Blending these services drive efficiencies and continuous improvement.

Cost Efficiencies

Always improving, streamlining projects to bring down costs. We think outside the box to deliver solutions that will reduce drilling days and dollars.

Your success is our focus.

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